Sunday, 28 November 2010

Almost December!!!

Hey! So sorry I haven't posted for ages! Wish I could say that I've been ultra busy making fantastic things to show you, but the truth is, I've just been lazy and getting overly excited for Christmas!

I really am like a child when it comes to Christmas! I think it may have something to do with the fact that my birthday and my brother's birthday are so close to Christmas, that it's like a little triple celebration in my family! We love it! So, with that in mind, I thought I'd show you some festive things that I've been buying and making!

First of all, yesterday me and my lovely friend Adam went to a fantastic new antique shop in Northampton town. The place is huge and it has sooooo much beautiful stuff, everything from clothes, to coal scuttles, to teapots and tea cups, to these little darlings that I purchased!

I'm talking about the four teeny tiny squirrels at the front! They really caught my eye. Firstly because they're squirrels, and I love anything with woodland creatures on them, and secondly because they're made by Wade pottery! This may not mean much to some people, but my surname is Wade, and I remember when I was little we had some piggy banks made by Wade, so I thought that these were just perfect for me. I'm thinking of starting a collection of Wade Whimsies, which is what these are. What do you think? Cute or what?

I also managed to snap this up from Morrisons for my boyfriend!

I was very overexcited when I saw it. I just want my boyfriend to drink it so we can put a candle in it! Very festive...

Today I have been making a couple of Christmas decorations and these are the fruits of my labour:

I cross-stitched the little penguin, and thought he looked so sweet, that he deserved a place on my tree, which I will be putting up on Friday! I also made the candy cane. I put some seed beads on it as well, to add a little sparkle, always a winner for Christmas!

And finally I decided that I was going to make something from something we had in the kitched...cinnamon! I just love the smell. It IS Christmas to me. All I did was tie some ribbon around it, and I'm thinking of hanging it on the tree, or above the door, so when you walk into the living room you get the smell. Yum.

Hope you're all had lovely weekends!


Monday, 1 November 2010

A Fun Filled Halloween Evening!


Last night we went to a Halloween party at the house of my boyfriend's sister and her husband. It was a fantastically festive night and we must have had 20 separate lots of trick or treaters! They were so cute, and all had awesome costumes!

I have to show you a picture of my boyfriend's sister's a-ma-zing pumpkins! I was so jealous, but you've got to see them to understand, so here they are!

They're brilliant aren't they?! Apparently they took around an hour and a half to make each one! I wish I had the patience for that, but my hand was in so much pain after my poor effort!

Unfortunately, mine isn't really up to their standard, but I was quite proud of it! Plus, I think mine looks a little bit like the Cheshire Cat from Alice In Wonderland, which can never be a bad thing! Don't laugh though...

What do you think? Hehe. It's the taking part that counts and all that jazz!!!

Although, technically I didn't make the majority of my outfit, I did make my accessories! I love working with felt, maybe because it takes me back to when I was little and I had Fuzzy Felt! My favourite was a woodland forest themed one! It was sooooo cool. Wish I still had it...I'm sure I could make some lovely stuff! Anyway, here's my outfit...

I am supposed to be a cat, but my brooches and necklace just make me look like something out of the old Batman TV series, so if anyone asks, I was Catwoman, OK?!

Also, I was quite distressed when I realised that spiders have eight legs, and the one that I made as a brooch only had six! Whoops!!!