Wednesday, 29 September 2010


Welcome to my world...well, welcome to my blog at least!!!

I've decided to create Sew-da Stream after reading loads and loads of amazing blogs and being inspired by them to do something new and creative with my spare time.

I really am a novice craftster, but I love it and hope that this blog will show that practically anyone can make stuff and be really proud of themselves when a project is finished. I'll try and get a few pictures of the things that I've made so far, and I'll keep you updated with any ongoing projects.

This is a rubbish picture but this was the first thing I made that looked OK enough to go on my bed!!! As you can see, I love boats and all things nautical and that was why I chose to put that design on the cushion. I made it out of an old pillow case that Mum didn't want anymore, and I was too sentimental to throw away (it had been in our house since I was born!!!) so I decided to give it a new lease of life and turn it into a cushion!!! I know it looks really wonky in the picture but I'll put a better picture on here ASAP.

Next time I post on here I'll let you know what my next craft project's going to be...any suggestions??? I'm thinking something nice for my new flat!!!