Tuesday, 5 October 2010

I heart autumn!!!

Today I had a moment of serendipitous(!?) joy when I was walking home from the hairdressers.

I was walking through the park, contemplating popping into Morrisons to get something chocolatey and yummy, when I glanced down at my feet...I couldn't believe how many conkers there were! I could feel my face breaking into a huge smile. It was as if I had travelled back in time to my childhood! I picked some shiny nuggets up and put them in my handbag, thimking that I must be able to find a nice place for them in my living room. Just as I was picking another conker up, one of those strange green, spiky pockets fell off a tree, and burst open to reveal a beautiful perfect conker! So I took that one too.

And here they are in pride of place on my dining table:

Now all I need is a load of weather cones to make them and the conkers into a lovely autumnal table decoration!!!


1 comment:

  1. aww I love autumn too! There is something so amazing about conkers! I can totally imagine you sneaking them into your handbag, trying not to look mental hehe!!x